Janet B.

Author: Prewitt Hardwood Floors Inc |

We recently had water damage to our hardwood floor (which Prewitt had refinished nearly 7 years ago) when our dishwasher leaked. It caused buckling of several boards in a corner of the kitchen. Leslie Prewitt came over to assess the damage and recommended that we use a dehumidifier to dry out the wet boards. She said it would take a number of weeks to fully dry, but that we'd likely see the buckling entirely disappear over time. That is exactly what has happened.

After 5 weeks, the damaged area is almost 100% normal again, and we expect full recovery in about another week. Leslie could have recommended an expensive refinish job, but she had our best interest at heart -- solving the problem for the least expense and the best outcome. She explained that refinishing the floor would have resulted in a section that wouldn't match. We're so pleased with her expertise and honesty. This company has won our lifetime loyalty -- if we ever need to refinish our floors again in the future. We recommend Prewitt Hardwood Floors without hesitation.